Wholesale Peonies

Peony season in eastern North Carolina is generally a two to three week window from late April  until early May.  Here at Fishing Creek, we deal primarily with big-budded pink peonies.  Our available varieties are Sarah Bernhardt and Mons. Jules Elie.  Early in the season we also have a white peony, Festiva Maxima, which has some dark red in the center of the bloom.   Our prices are based on stem lengths of 50-60 cm ( approx. 20-24 inches).   We ship using FedEx Overnight, using your FedEx account number, but will entertain slower, less expensive options if you prefer and we feel the flowers will arrive safely.  If you don't have a FedEx account, we have a link below.  Finally, we ship our peonies dry, so when they arrive, you must re-cut the stems to re-hydrate the flowers, which will then open in a day or so!

bunch =10 stems

5-10 bunches are $30 per bunch

11-50 bunches are $29 per bunch

51-100 bunches are $28 per bunch

over 100 bunches are $27 per bunch

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