Flower Care


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Most cut flowers should last about one week in the vase.  Mixes, peonies, and greenhouse-grown iris may only go five days or so, while lilies and sunflowers may go ten or more.  When arranging Dutch iris, lilies, cosmos, glads and mixes, be sure to remove the "spent" blossoms from the arrangement to keep it looking as fresh as possible.  Also, your flowers will enjoy the cooler and dimmer parts of your house and should be kept away from ripening friuts! 


While there are, of course, exceptions to every rule, most cut flowers will "behave" best if you follow these guidelines for maximizing vase life:

1. Start with a squeaky-clean vase.  Since bacteria are a major player in cut flower failure, we Clorox our picking and storage buckets before each use and you should do the same to your vase!

2. Remove any leaves that will be below the water line in the vase.

3. Re-cut the stem of the flower about a half an inch up with a sharp knife or clippers just before placing it in that  clean vase.  You can also cut the entire bunch and put it in a "holding" vessel while arranging the flowers.

4. Use the Floralife flower food   packet(s) we gave you with the flowers.  Trust us, it helps! Each packet makes one quart of vase water. 

5. For maximum vase-life, after four or five days, repeat steps 1,3 and 4.






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